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         We design irrigation systems for Resorts, Commercial Projects, Nurseries

and Residences.    Designing irrigation systems since 1990 and we can design

your system using grey water as well as potable water.


         We believe in water conservation and the key to an efficient system is a proper design.



                                                                                     Projects Designed

Boscobel Beach Hotel in Boscobel, Jamaica


Boscobel Beach Hotel in Boscobel, Jamaica


Big Cedar, Coppell, Texas

Casa Blanca Resort in Anquilla

Teri and Anguillan Crew

                                Sovereign Shopping Plaza, Kingston, Jamaica


Chase Oaks, Coppell, Texas

Lake Crest in Keller, Texas

DFW Trade Center in Dallas, Texas

Beaches Resort in Negril, Jamaica


Beaches Resort in Negril Jamaica

                                 Country Club Village, Denton, Texas


Pebbles Resort, Trelawny, Jamaica


Moon Dance Villas, Negril, Jamaica

                               Moon Dance Villas, Negril, Jamaica


Couples, Negril , Jamaica                   


Couples, Negril , Jamaica


The Container Store, Carrollton, Texas


FDR Resort, Runaway Bay, Jamaica


Swept Away Resort, Negril, Jamaica


Swept Away Sports Complex, Negril, Jamaica 

                         Jamaica Jamaica Hotel, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Boscobel Beach Hotel,  Jamaica  

Mobil Corporation Headquarters, Dallas, Texas           

The Men's Club of Dallas, Texas                            

Temple Shalom, Dallas, Texas                                 

Oak Tree at Chatauqua, Coppell, Texas                   

Morgan Bay Beach Club, Jamaica                           

Big Cedar, Coppell, Texas                                      

Village of Braco Resort and Golf Course, Jamaica

Hamilton Park Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas          

Waters' Edge, Lakes of Coppell  Texas                    

Post & Paddock, Arlington, Texas                          

Dallas Spring, Texas                                               

Golf Atlantic Resort, Jamaica                         

Mahoe Beach Village, Jamaica                                 

Sovereign Shopping Plaza, Kingston, Jamaica           

Fountain Park, Coppell, Texas                          

Boscobel Camp, Boscobel, Jamaica                        

Weathertrol Supply Co, Texas                             

Waters' Edge Phase Two, Coppell, Texas                

Casa Blanca Hotel,  Anguilla                                  

DFW Roofing Supply, Dallas, Tx.                           

Putt Putt Golf & Games, Lewisville & Plano, Tx      

Point Aquarius, Turks & Caicos                       

Shadowglen Apartments, Texas                          

Winsted Apt., Irving, Tx.                                       

Preston Vineyards, Frisco, Texas                         

Chase Oaks, Coppell, Tx                             

Lake Crest, Keller, Texas                                        

Allen Estates, Allen, Tx                                           

Stone Brook Estates, Tx                                       

Briarhill Estates, Arlington, Texas                             

White Glove Car Wash, Coppell, Texas              

Mustang Drive  - City of Grapevine,  Tx                    

Oaks of Arlington, Texas                                        

Brighton Estates, Texas                                     

University Park, Lewisville, Texas                            

Fairway Meadows, Texas                           

Breckenridge Estates, Ft. Worth, Tx                      

Oaks of Bellaire, Lewisville, Texas                          

Dallas Distribution Center, Dallas, Texas                  

Park Place Addition, Plano, Texas                       

Fairway Bend, Grand Prairie, Texas                        

Amber Electrical, Dallas, Texas                            

Space Savers, Texas                                              

Fairfield Estates, Frisco, Texas                              

Beaches Hotel, Negril, Jamaica                            

Celery Stalk Apartments, Texas                                

Harbour Point, Rowlett, Texas                                  

Parker & Coit Medians, Plano, Texas                     

Hilltop Estates, Flower Mound, Texas                       

Real Negril Nursery, Jamaica                                  

Waterstone Estates, Tx                                           

Dr. Stich Office, Coppell, Tx                                    

Central Center Retail / Hotel, Dallas, Texas  

Greenspointe Estates, Arlington, Texas                     

The Colony (subdivision), The Colony, Tx               

Buckhorn Park, Plano, Texas                            

Valwood West Business Park, Dallas, Texas              

Fox Creek Estates, Lewisville, Texas                    

Shops at Ironshore, Jamaica                             

Blowtherm, U.S.A. Texas                                  

Horseshoe Park - City of Plano, Texas                 

Eldorado Park - City of Plano, Texas                     

Preston on the Park, Plano, Tx                                

Country Meadow Addition, Texas                             

Quill Corporation, Texas                                        

Legacy Office Bldg., Texas                                       

Garden Oaks Estates, Arlington, Texas                     

Fountain Ridge, Texas                                            

University Park, Lewisville, Texas                           

Plantation Estates, Frisco, Texas                          

Rancho Del Lago, Texas                                      

Microtel, Texas                                                    

Barksdale Park - City of Plano, Tx                           

Preston Park  - City of Plano, Texas                       

DFW Trade Center, Grapevine, Texas                       

Mobil Station,  Plano, Texas                            

Buckhorn Park- City of Plano, Tx                           

Longhorn Park- City of Plano, Tx                             

Lakes of Highland Oaks III, Texas                             

Mid Cities Fabrication, Arlington, Tx                      

Anixter, Lewisville, Texas                                          

Centerport Distribution Center, Memphis, Tn

Beaches Hotel, Whitehouse, Jamaica              

America's Business Park ,  El Paso, Texas              

CarMax -Irving, Plano & Garland, Tx                         

Knolls of Russell Creek, Texas                        

Ridgepoint Estates, Texas                                     

Wind River Estates, Texas                                        

Apollo Paper, Texas                                               

Plano Business Park, Plano, Tx                               

America's Business Park,  Tx                               

Willow Brook, Texas                                              

Point Grace, Turks & Caicos                           

Parkwood Hill, Plano, Texas                              

Memphis Distribution Center, Memphis, Tn

Meadow Creek Addition, Tx                                   

City of Lewisville Medians, Lewisville, Tx                 

City of  Lewisville Monument Signs, Texas                 

City of Lewisville Fire & Police Station, Tx               

Denton I.S.D. Service Center, Denton, Tx                

Pinnacle Park, Dallas, Texas                                    

Lone Star Ranch, The Colony, Texas               

Chickasaw Distribution Center, Memphis, TN        

Tri Dal, Ltd., Southlake, Texas                          

Elmwood Addition, Texas                                         

Western Placers Steel, Inc., Texas                            

Eagle Airfreight, Tx                                                  

FDR Pebbles, Jamaica                                          

Federal Express, Ft. Worth,  Tx                               

Poly Pipe, Dallas, Texas                                      

Couples Hotel, Negril, Jamaica                             

Autumn Leaves, Richardson, Tx                               

MCI Campbell Center,  Plano, Tx                        

Willow Bend Office Park, Texas                               

The Waterford at Plano, Plano, Tx                            

The Wellington @ Arapaho, Richardson, Tx               

Water's Edge Villa in Rowlett, Texas                         

The Wellington @ Grove Road, Richardson, Tx       

Airport America USA, Texas                                  

Parks of Deer Creek, Ft. Worth, Texas                    

Fuddrucker's Restaurant, Grapevine, Tx                

American Freightways, Tx                                   

Waterford Falls, Texas                                   

Chickasaw Distribution Center,  Memphis, TN      

Stone Canyon, Sunnyvale, Texas                             

Main St. Distribution Center, Memphis, TN                 

Tribute Golf Course Clubhouse, The Colony, Tx      

Moon Dance Villas, Negril, Jamaica                          

The Fairways,  Denton, Tx                                       

UPS at Alliance Airport, Texas                            

Beltline Streetscape, City of Carrollton, Tx              

Gateway Park, City of McKinney, Texas           

Millennium Retail Center, Tx                                   

Larkspur at Oakmont, Texas                                     

Savoy of Josey Ranch, Carrollton, Texas             

Summer Creek Ranch, Ft. Worth, Tx                    

Hills of Fossil Creek, Texas                                 

Willowstone Estates, Tx                                         

Bally's Fitness Center, Tx                                       

Public Storage, Mesquite, Tx                                 

Lakeview Summit, Texas                                   

Fountainview, Texas                                           

International Airport Center, Memphis, Tn   

Silverlake Estates, Texas                                      

Stone Glen Estates, Tx                                          

Lakeside Estates, Texas                                 

Waterview Estates, Rowlett, Texas                   

Raytheon, Plano, Texas                                         

Olive Branch Business Park, Memphis, TN                

Pinderosa Tree Nursery, Linden, Texas                  

Plano Business Park, Plano, Tx                      

Goodwin & Marshall Office, Grapevine, Tx                 

Airways Distribution Center, Southhaven, Ms    

Parcel Direct / Quad Graphics, Tx                         

Town East Apartments, McKinney, Tx

Denton Country Club, Denton, Texas                     

Hidden Creek, Tx                                                    

Pulte Chisholm Trails, Texas                                   

Arlington Commerce Center, Arlington, Texas          

Hunter Ridge, Texas                                                 

Vet Clinic, Frisco, Tx                                            

Denton Crossing Shopping Center, Denton, Texas

Railport, Memphis, Tn                                               

Plano Ferrari, Plano, Texas                                   

Heritage Glen, Texas                                       

Creekside Office Park, Plano, Texas                    

Century Center, Memphis, TN                              

Coastal Bank, Houston, Texas                                 

Target Distribution Center, Midlothian, Texas            

Proven Investment Corp., Texas                    

Communities of Lake Parks, Texas                      

Walgreens @ Denton Crossing, Denton, Tx       

Mesquite Self Storage, Mesquite, Texas             

Lakewood Point, Texas                                       

Arlington Tech Center, Arlington, Texas              

Kingsridge, Fort Worth, Texas                         

Burlington Northern (BNSF) Railport Yard Office, Tx

Seventeen Lakes / Lakes of Brookstone, Texas        

Cedar Creek Addition, Texas                              

Buckner Plaza , Dallas, Texas                            

Briarcreek Park, Texas                                       

Uptown Storage, Texas                                    

Universal Academy, Texas                                    

Cedar Hill Dry Cleaners, Cedar Hill, Texas             

Bartos Supply, Texas                                         

Gateway Park - City of McKinney, Texas            

Western Oak Retail Center, Austin, Texas           

Getwell Business Park, Memphis, TN                 

Stateline Distribution Center, Memphis, TN           

Southwest Kia, Texas                                          

Kroger Plaza, Denton, Texas                                  

Tuscany, Keller, Tx                                             

Tealwood Oaks III, Flower Mound, Texas                   

Forum @ Beltline, Addison, Texas                     

Robinson Ridge, McKinney, Texas



Projects Assisted On 

Franklin D. Resort, Jamaica   

Arawak Village, Jamaica                                       

Mahoe Beach Village, Jamaica                            

Banana Bay, St. Kitts                                         

Hedonism II, St. Lucia                                         

Jamaica Jamaica Resort,  Runaway Bay, Jamaica  

Swept Away Resort, Negril, Jamaica                        

Blue Hole Port Antonio / Burlington, Jamaica          

The Great House of Cardiff Hall, Jamaica          

Doubletree Hotel, Dallas, Texas                               

Park West,  Dallas, Texas                                  

Couples Hotel, Ocho Rios, Jamaica                 

Hedonism !!, Negril, Jamaica                       

First City Center, Dallas, Texas                             

Dallas Galleria, Texas                                             

Sans Souci,  Jamaica                                             

Runaway Bay Golf Course, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

FDR Home Office, Jamaica                                 

Valwood Business Park, Carrollton, Texas              

Grand Lido, Negril,  Jamaica                                   

Dallas Market Center, Texas